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What do we know as EVOO?
Aceituna Royal.

What do we know as EVOO?


In our previous entry, we talked about the great benefits of EVOO, but, it seemed to us very convenient, to leave some notes of what EVOO is.

Actually, it is the short form of the name Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but for a while now, it seems that it is more «cool», to call it EVOO.

It is a 100% natural juice, from fruits with an aroma and flavor, at its optimum. And that has been obtained by exclusively mechanical processes and by a cold extraction.

When we talk about EVOO, we always refer to Olive Oil in its best version. It is the one that has the best properties, and its acidity, will not exceed 1º.


AOVE Premium. Variedad Royal.


We can find it in different varieties, depending on the type of olive coming from. We in this article, we are going to refer to our Premium AOVE, in variety PICUAL and ROYAL.

In both cases, the variety of the olive will mark its flavor and aroma.

The EVOO variety Picual, will stand out for its green color, a strong personality, and a greater intensity and body.

Aceituna Variedad Picual.
Aceituna Variedad Picual.

The Royal variety AOVE, has a fresh and fruity flavor, together with a lighter color.

Aceituna variedad Royal.
Aceituna Royal. Punto óptimo de maduración.


The difference between both is minimal and focuses mainly on:

The Premium AOVE, is a totally pure olive juice, and whose degree of acidity should not reach 1º. It is obtained from olives, still green, and that have not reached their point of maturation.

The Virgin Olive Oil, has the same process of obtaining, but its acidity can reach 2º, and if it has been possible to find some small imperfection in any of the processes.

In short, both the Virgin Olive, and the extra Virgin, it is a high quality product, which will bring to our body the great benefits of Olive Oil.



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